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Jacqui Chittock

Mobile: 027 221 5870

Address: 65 Gully Road Bannockburn 2.R.D. Cromwell 9384

Jacqui Chittock Qualifications

Associate Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)

Certificate of Competency in Fascial Kinetics: Fascial Kinetics School of Bowen Therapy

Certificate with Distinction in Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Holistic Body Workers: Holistic Health Training Ltd

International School of Bowen Therapy

Certified Canine Bowen Therapist

International School of Bowen Therapy

Approved Practitioner McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Bowen Therapy Aotearoa

A Member of Bowen Therapy Aotearoa (New Zealand Bowen Association)

Hormonal Release

Extra Training in Hormonal Release

Bowen Therapy Aotearoa

Attended the Seminar: Importance of Symmetry in Australia

Bowen Central FAQ

Is Bowen Therapy safe?

Bowen therapy has no contraindications and is appropriate to use on everyone. As it is so gentle it is suitable to use on babies and the elderly. It is also suitable for pregnant women.

What should I wear for a treatment?

Please wear light, loose fitting, comfortable clothing to allow your therapist to locate muscles, tendons , ligaments and soft tissue freely. Please don’t wear jeans or any thick materials, or slippery material such as tights. Bowen can also be performed directly on skin.

How long will a session take?

Allow around 90 minutes for your first session as this will include a detailed health history and assessment. Usually treatments last between 45-60 minutes but this can vary depending on the person and their condition.

How many Bowen treatments will I need?

There is no definitive answer here as everyone responds individually. On average the number of treatments required to see significant improvement is around 3 to 4. However, in some cases one treatment can resolve the issue, where as with chronic conditions a long term approach to maintain the improvement will be required.

Being proactive rather than reactive is where you may find the greatest benefit. Many of my clients will have maintenance treatments monthly to manage stress, pain and improve the overall functioning of their body. It’s a bit like getting your car serviced regularly.

Can I mix Bowen with other complementary therapies?

No, it is not recommended to have any other form of manual therapy for at least seven days before or after a treatment as it will overload the body and affect the outcome. 

How many treatments will my dog need?

This varies for each dog. If your dog has a chronic condition like Osteoarthritis, then it may need regular treatments as part of an overall management plan. As with humans, many of my canine clients have regular maintenance ”top up” treatments to keep their bodies functioning in optimum condition.

Can I let my dog run around after a treatment?

No, after a treatment it’s recommended that your dog rests as best he can and be taken for walks on a leash for two-three days. It’s also recommended that you avoid bathing them or anything that will over stimulate them as this will affect the effectiveness of the treatment.